We intentionally bridge the gaps that exist in Delaware’s recovery community. While building on the
strength of Delaware’s recovery fellowships and uniting existing organizations, we meet the most glaring
needs in our state. Together, we continue to improve the level of care for substance addiction.

Resource Distribution

We collect material from all recovery fellowships and distribute it to treatment settings with additional blessings. 

Bridging the Gap Recovery Bible Study

This four-week bible study is designed to break down shame, address faulty beliefs, embrace the forgiveness in Jesus, and outline the hope of God’s will.

Delaware Peer Advocacy Program

This program is designed for treatment settings. This interactive meeting is designed to promote surrender through shared experiences. All Delaware fellowships are represented, and the program is active in 4 different facilities.

Service Projects

Through multiple community partnerships we create service opportunities while meeting direct needs in communities affected by substance addiction. We are all designed by God to serve and be generous to one another.

Delaware Interventions Program