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 Uniting Families and Community for Delaware

Delaware’s rising overdose rates combined with increased treatment recidivism highlights the huge need for healing statewide. Connecting, acting out of love, building healthy relationships, and engaging with existing resources fosters a solution-based culture. Consistent collective contributions will make an improved level of substance addiction treatment a reality for the First State.


Seeds of Recovery Family Fun Day

As WE begin moving out of Covid season into this restoration season of 2021 we are celebrating together at Lums Pond State Park. This family fellowship day is focused on bringing Delaware together to experience all God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in our families and communities. In Recovery we begin to give back the love that we have accepted into our hearts ❤. In this spirit we will have games, kid’s give aways, face painting, balloon animals, moon bounce, cornhole, kickball, BBQ, and much more free for Delaware. We welcome all Delaware families, recovery advocates, nonprofits, organizations, businesses and Churches to support the continued healing of the root causes of substance addiction in our state! We will be located at pavilion 3 and the football field. Come out for this much needed day of fun and fellowship to celebrate recovery!

Healing Communities One Recovery at a Time

Our intentional events strengthen the relationship dynamics of family and community. Inviting existing Delaware nonprofit organizations and recovery resources to fellowship will begin bridging the gap and foster unity. Together, acting out of love and service, a culture of healing and growth towards God will become a reality.

We Will Heal Together

Every donation brings us closer to purchasing property, building our facility, and opening our doors for so many in need.

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The speed of Delaware’s healing mission is determined by community participation. We are all gifted with a unique grace from God. Contact us to get involved today


All individuals, organizations, and businesses willing to unite in service for healing are Delaware’s recovery partners. We are designed to grow together

Foundations Needs

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A Look At Firm Foundation

A converted single-family home set on 2-10 acres in Kent County will serve as the main clinical and pastor offices, gathering area, and dining hall. Two separate housing units for men and women will be constructed. Our transitional homes will be purchased after the opening of our main recovery center.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We live, heal, and grow together in honest fellowship. We gain gratitude for our community. We become invested in the place that has helped us. We stake our claim in our community by working hard to maintain the gifts that we received. Nothing is given, we earn what we get, and ultimately serving the next man becomes our hearts desire.

Kent County, DE

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